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VersaGrip 360° Magnetic Phone Holder

VersaGrip 360° Magnetic Phone Holder

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Introducing the VersaGrip 360° Magnetic Phone Holder – your must-have travel companion for hands-free convenience. Boasting a robust N52 magnet, this holder securely grips your device. Its spring clamp design adapts to airplane backrests, tray tables, and various surfaces. Experience flexible 360° rotation, easy portability, and a discreet, silent structure for public use.

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To Unleash Your Flow

Whether you're exploring the urban landscape, transitioning between different work environments, or immersing yourself in nature, VersaGrip 360° empowers you to capture inspiration, maintain concentration, and ensure your creative energy flows effortlessly.

Embrace your autonomy and relish memorable moments.

Perfect Ally for Outdoor Excursions

In today's fast-paced world, our smartphones play a central role in our lives. Creating content, be it for work or enjoyment, has become an integral part of our daily existence. Routine video conferences and logging activities are now the norm. We're wholeheartedly adopting flexible lifestyles and innovative work arrangements that liberate us from traditional constraints, allowing our geographical setting to be dictated by our goals, professional tasks, and the pursuit of happiness.

Elevate Your Productivity through Harmony

Enhance effectiveness and comfort within your home!

Our ethos revolves around enhancing life's rhythm, enabling you to effortlessly "unleash your flow." Drawing inspiration from origami and minimalist design, we've crafted our elegant tools to seamlessly integrate into the diverse roles you inhabit. Engineered for swift adaptation in dynamic surroundings, they facilitate entering that immersive state of focus and concentration, regardless of your location.

Lighten the Load of Concerns, Transforming Them into Travel Freedom?

Yes, it's just 90.7 grams, easily tucked into your pocket!

Lighten the Load of Concerns, Transforming Them into Travel Freedom?

Whether you're constantly on the move or craving a shift from the office environment, perhaps dreaming of backpacking across Asia or embracing a corporate jet-setting lifestyle – we understand one commonality: your desire for the flexibility to stay productive anywhere, granting you the freedom to pursue your passions.

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Is my phone compatibe?

YES! the VersaGrip360 is compatible with iPhone 15/14/13/12 Series Phones and MagSafe-compatible cases. Additionally, it works seamlessly with iPhone 11 and below, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, Google, Moto, and more using the included ring in the box for devices with flat and hard surface cases.


1. Built-in N52 magnet, super strong magnetic force
2. Spring clamp design, suitable for airplane backrests and tray tables, luggage handles, desktops, bedrooms, kitchens, etc.
3. Multi-directional & 360° rotation, fully adjustable angle
4. Foldable and portable, easy to store and carry


Material: ABS+PC
Applicable phone size: 4.7-7.0”
Applicable model: Works well with IP12/13/14/15 and MagSafe cases, other phones and Non-Magsafe cases, need to be used together with the metal ring

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