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PetPal Non-Spill Water Bowl

PetPal Non-Spill Water Bowl

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Introducing the PetPal Non-Spill Water Bowl — a cutting-edge solution to reduce water splashing during your dog's drinking time. With a floating plate and non-spill edge, this innovative bowl effectively contains water, preventing spills and maintaining a clean, dry surrounding area. Experience improved hygiene, minimized slipping hazards, and an enhanced drinking experience for your dogs. Upgrade your pet care with PetPal today. 

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Eliminate splashing, mess & water spills

The floating plate will rise & fall according to the water level to contain the water within the bowl, keeping your floors & surrounding areas cleaner & drier.

Improve your dogs drinking experience

Ensures a delightful and comfortable drinking experience for your pet by minimizing splashing and preventing your dog from getting wet while drinking, enhancing the overall pleasantness of their hydration routine.

Hygienic & Clean environment

Diminishes the likelihood of wet floors serving as breeding grounds for bacteria or mold, while also maintaining the cleanliness of your dog's drinking water. By preventing splashing, it effectively stops debris, dirt, or hair from being stirred up and contaminating the water.

On-the-Go Travel Companion

Featuring a dual design with a waterproof edge strip and floating disk, this product is adept at preventing water overflow, making it an ideal choice for pet travel. Keep your car dry and your pet hydrated on your journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cleaning the pet water bowl a hassle?

Certainly not! Thanks to its dual waterproof and floating plate design, the pet water bowl is effortlessly easy to clean. Simply disassemble the bowl and give it a thorough cleaning on a weekly basis.

How does the automatic adjustment floating plate design function?

The automatic adjustment floating plate design is ingenious in slowing down your pet's drinking speed. By creating a challenge for them to access the water, the design involves the floating plate sinking when the pet's tongue touches it. This gentle undulation allows for easy drinking while effectively slowing down their water intake.

Is it suitable for pets of all sizes?

Indeed! The adjustable floating plate design makes the pet water bowl suitable for pets of all sizes. It's a versatile solution catering to the hydration needs of pets, regardless of their size.

Is the PetPaw water Bowl suitable for outdoor use?

Certainly, the PetPaw water Bowl is designed for outdoor use. However, it's crucial to assess the bowl's stability in outdoor settings, particularly during windy conditions. Position the bowl in a sheltered area to minimize the risk of tipping or spilling.

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