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Lint Hair Remover

Lint Hair Remover

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Effortlessly remove hair from all fabrics and clothes with the Hair Remover Lint Roller. Crafted from durable ABS+nylon fiber, this versatile brush features innovative two-way bristles for automatic hair removal. Washable and suitable for semi-dry/wet use, it ensures optimal cleaning on sofas, carpets, clothing, beds, and pet mattresses. Solve the hassle of hair removal with this efficient and user-friendly solution, designed for convenience and durability to maintain a clean and polished environment.

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Strong hair removing effect

Effortlessly removes hair, ensuring a clean and polished look. Suitable for all ages. ABS+nylon fiber construction for durability. Color variations available.

Two-ways Bristle

Innovative design with automatic bristle disposal. Brush clothes with ease, suitable for sofas, carpets, clothing, beds, and pet mattresses. Ensure the highest quality with our washable brush.

Washable and semi-dry/wet effect

This fabric brush can be washed with water, offering a semi-dry and semi-wet effect for optimal cleaning results. Perfect for maintaining cleanliness in various settings.

Automatic hair removal

Effortlessly push and pull back and forth for automatic hair removal. Ideal for quick and efficient cleaning, saving you time and effort.

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