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Duckling Nightlight

Duckling Nightlight

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Meet Duckling Nightlight – the enchanting bedtime companion for your child's dreams to take flight! 🐥 This practical yet charming night light adds whimsy to bedtime routines. Crafted with care from BPA-free, FDA-approved food-grade silicone, its soft, tactile material is ideal for little hands. Suitable for babies, children, and even grown-ups, a simple tap on the bulb's stem lets you effortlessly control the light's brightness, creating a soothing ambiance.

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Fun Design

With its adorable duck shape and warm, comforting glow, kids will eagerly embrace bedtime. Adjusting the brightness is as easy as a tap, with three levels to choose from before drifting into dreamland.

Night Light & Toy

It's not just a practical bedside lamp; it doubles as a delightful playmate, sparking your child's imagination during the day and comforting them at night. Plus, it moonlights as a convenient phone holder for those bedtime stories and lullabies.

BPA-Free Safety

Crafted from non-toxic, baby-safe, BPA-free silicone, this nightlight is designed with your child's safety in mind. The soft duck-shaped lampshade is durable and resistant to breakage, ensuring it can withstand the tumbles and adventures of childhood.

Bedtime Bliss Timer

This feature is designed with bedtime routines in mind. The minute timer switch allows you to effortlessly set the Duckling Nightlight Lamp to turn off after 30 minutes. It's your secret to ensuring a peaceful night's sleep for your little one, without any need for manual adjustments.

Comforting Soft Light

The gentle warmth of the LED light creates a soothing, cozy environment, perfect for nighttime comfort. The anti-blue warm LED lights are gentle on the eyes and promote relaxation, making it easier for your little one to drift off to sleep.