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CuppingFusion Pro

CuppingFusion Pro

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Discover the ultimate solution for pain relief and enhanced well-being with the CuppingFusion Pro. 🔥 This state-of-the-art device combines negative pressure cupping, soothing scraping, and invigorating massage in one compact, user-friendly package. Invest in your well-being with the CuppingFusion Pro - Your Electric Wellness Companion!

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Easy, Anytime, Anywhere

Ditch the hassle of therapist appointments and embrace on-the-go relief. Our user-friendly device lets you enjoy the benefits of cupping therapy in the comfort of your home or wherever you need it. Say goodbye to cumbersome cups; everything you need is at your fingertips!

Enhanced Circulation and Wellness

This device effectively promotes blood circulation, clears meridians, stimulates acupoints, relieves fatigue, eases pain, combats cold and humidity, boosts immunity, and relaxes muscles. It's your secret to holistic health.

Versatile Healing

The CuppingFusion Pro doesn't stop at cupping; it's your personal wellness guru! With integrated red-light therapy and Guasha, you have the power to customize your treatment. Switch between modes and tailor your healing experience to your liking.

Adjustable Warmth

Say farewell to muscle tension with customizable warmth. Achieve optimal muscle relaxation as our device gently heats up to a soothing 100.4-122°F. Find your perfect temperature setting and let it melt away your aches and pains.

Smart & Safe

Worried about overheating? Fear not! Our built-in temperature control chip ensures a safe and controlled experience. Customize the suction power to your preference, knowing that it's been rigorously tested for your well-being.

Long Battery Life

The impressive 1800mAh high-capacity battery ensures an extended 2-hour usage, powered by the convenient type-C interface.